Friday, July 25, 2008

We had a blast this July going to parades and watching fireworks. Kyle danced, pointed, clapped and yelled with joy as he took it all in. And you better be sure you were watching or he might grab your head and point it in the right direction. He insisted that we all give our undivided attention to all parade happenings and fireworks. Kinley loved it too and got pretty good at picking up candy that was thrown. She liked the fireworks but what really impressed her were glow sticks that she turned into crowns, necklaces and bracelets fit for a princess. Some of you may say to yourselves, "Where are they catching all these parades?" Well, the first was in Soda Springs, ID on the 4th of July (the best parade we saw). The second was for American Fork Steel Days and the last one was for Pioneer Day on July 24th which is a Utah State holiday. We went to it in Spanish Fork and did fireworks that evening with all the neighbors in our cul-de-sac. Next weekend is the Hihgland Fling so we should catch some more fun.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

These pics are from last weekend in Phoenix. Clayton is such a comedian. The picture of his shirt upclose is what he calls "His Smile" since going through the temple.

Bowman Reunion

Ballet and Swim Lessons

Playing catch up!

Okay, I have had enough complaints about me not "blogging" so here goes. ( I had to make a phone appointmeith Cassie to help walk me through it so you can thank her.) Well, what have we been doing this summer? In April Kenny graduated from UVU with his Bachelor Degree. In May we went to Thanksgiving Gardens - it was gorgeous. June- I went nuts working on our food storage and haven't let up since. Kenny thinks I am either crazy or know something he doesn't. I canned 50 pints of chicken yesterday and today we are bottling cooked pinto beans. Yum! I also decided I better start working out and running some since I had put my foot in my mouth and agreed to run a 5K at the Bowman Family Reunion. It was held the 4th of July up in Soda Springs, ID. Kinley said it was like Disneyland! We watched a parade, rode horses and four wheelers, played in the resevoir and took a canoe ride, and watched fireworks too. Last weekend I flew to Phoenix and went through the temple with Clay and several other family members. It was awesome. Let's see - what else. Oh, Kinley is in ballet and jazz and loves it. Kyle still doesn't say much at all and adores his Grandma Bowman. Kenny has been flying to Alaska almost weekly, but he managed to finish his summer project in about two weeks. He worked so hard and made a beautiful patio and firepit area where we use to have our enormous garden. Now we just have two big garden boxes and one is filled with some of the best strawberries known to mankind! Now you are all caught up. I hope I can do better. Love you all.