Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kinley's Dance Recitals

In January 2009 Kinley had a dance performance called Dream and she did a bee dance and balloon dance. It was really cute. She has been taking dance since last summer and loves it! In May she had another recital called Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters which is an African Cinderella story. She did a village children shaker dance and hippo dance. She had improved so much it was amazing. Once again she was so cute!

In August 2008 I went to a Hatch Cousin Reunion in AZ while Kenny watched the kids. We also took a trip to visit Grandpa Shupe in Albuquerque and went to the zoo. September is birthday month around here. Grandma's is on the 5th and Kenny and Kyle's is the 13th. Kenny celebrated his 40th and we had a huge surprise party for him. Kinley had a Little Mermaid party and helped make her own cake. Mamie and Papa came In October and we bottled chicken all month it seems like. November we spent Thanksgiving at our home with the Vanderwels, Hiatts and Sonja and Dylan. Dylan's baptism was in December and Grandma and Grandpa Robinson came. We had fun going to the Christmas Tree Festival with them. Grandpa Shupe came for Christmas and helped Kenny make a snow fort in the front yard.

The Annual Post

It's been a year since my last post so I guess that means I didn't do so well with my plan to stay on it. Oh well! Here are a few random pics from the last 12 months.